Catering & Event Order Policy: Preparing food takes time! We need your orders in by 3 PM the day before you need the food. This is not the case for all menus, quantities, and situations. In some cases, you will need to order much further in advance. If you are not sure please call us to find out. 

Rush Orders: We love our customers and want to do our best to help you out! While we don’t mind rushed last-minute orders, your order may be subject to a $25+ fee to help offset costs to make it happen for you. Also, please note that selections may be limited on rush orders. 

Catering Reservations & Cancellations: To reserve a date for service, food, or anything that will require us to set that date aside for you, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required. In November and December, the non-refundable deposit amount is $800. The deposit will be applied to your event’s total cost. A Credit Card will be kept on file for the total amount of the remaining balance. The remaining balance amount is due upon signing the contract. 

Cancellations made 30 days, or more before the reserved Catering order date (event date reservations not included) will receive a 50% refund on the deposit. 

Cancellations made 29 days or earlier are non-refundable, and the remaining balance will be due and charged to the card on file immediately if not already charged. 

Final Guest Count: The final count for Food and Beverage is due ten (10) days before the event. Any price differences or changes to the final balance will be charged to the credit card on file. 

Changes & Additions to your orders: Any additional costs from the day of the event are due no later than three (3) days after the event and will be charged to the card on file if the payment is not paid. Any changes or additions to any catering services or foods made within 24 hours of the event are subject to a $25+ fee. 

Other Policies, Staffing & More: 

Price Changes: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice to the customer. This is required because in uncertain times, prices may spike, and we don’t want to be responsible for the price difference. You may book many days, weeks, and months in advance, but we can only prep and buy ingredients closer to the catering or event date. Prices and ingredients are based on the market and availability. We are not responsible for shortages or anything else that may cause a problem with ingredients availability or market prices. 

Delivery Fees: Prices are based on distance, location, demand and are priced at a per vehicle rate. Ask our sales staff for more info. 

Service Fee: For all events and orders, a 20% service fee is applied to your final bill to help cover order processing costs, event coordination with other parties and companies, and other similar services. 

Sales Tax: Under California State Law, we are required to charge you sales tax. It is applied to labor fees, administrative and service fees, rentals, and anything else we may charge you for. 

Staffing Fees: We offer professional servers for your parties and events at a $35 Per-hour/Per-server rate with a minimum of a 4-hour service. Any additional hours not included in the contract will be added to your final invoice and due by three (3) days after the event or party.  

Gratuities: Tips are not included in your contract or invoice and are not required. However, they are muchly appreciated! If you don’t leave a cash tip for our staff and servers and you would like to charge it to your card, please call your sales representative and let them know. 

Insurance: If we are required to buy an additional insurance for your event for whatever reason, it will be billed to your final invoice if not already charged on the original contract. Any additional fees, including Certificate(s) of insurance, are due within three (3) days after your event!

Liability, Damages & Loss: Clients are fully responsible for the condition of all equipment on-site and will be held liable for all damages and losses. Any Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment will be charged to the customer at the rate it costs us to buy a brand new replacement as we do not purchase used goods.   

Leftover Food: The Client may take leftover foods that remain at the serving table upon signing a leftover food waiver. Otherwise, we are required to dispose of anything that remains base on our policy. This is because we cannot guarantee the condition and freshness of leftover foods eaten days after the event. 

Permits: If permits are required (fire permits or any other permits), we will get the permits. You will be responsible for paying any and all permit fees…