How to find a Persian Restaurant?

Food brings people together in a beautiful manner. With amazing food, you get to enjoy each other’s and have fun at the same time. For Iranians, gathering together around a table for food is a favorite pastime. For those who have had the pleasure of having Persian cuisine, one thing is for sure and that is satisfaction. Persian restaurants offer huge portions of food as they believe you are satisfied when you eat, eat, and eat.

Persian cuisine is a favorite among so many people and once you indulge in their food, you are left wondering how to find a Persian restaurant next time you are hungry. Interestingly, Persian restaurants have spread far and wide in the world. Lucky for you if you want to dine in a Persian restaurant for you can find one easily within your locality. How awesome is this? Imagine feeling hungry and finding a Persian restaurant near you where you get to wine and dine until you can’t eat anymore.

Find a Persian restaurant

the first time you eat Persian food, you never get enough. At the next site of a restaurant, all you can order is Persian food. Unfortunately, not so many restaurants prepare Persian foods like the original Persian restaurants. After cruising through the menu, go for Persian food that is not as delicate as the chefs out here make it sound. If you believe finding a Persian restaurant is your best bet of great and amazing Persian food, then you have no option. Go to find a Persian restaurant, enter your location, and the best Persian restaurants pop up.

If there are no Persian restaurants near you, a list of these restaurants in your country pops up as well. For those who don’t want to travel far and wide to enjoy Persian food, there are options. There is a list of restaurants that offer Persian food once you enter your location. These are the restaurants serving the best, authentic Persian food prepared from an original Persian recipe.

Finding a Persian restaurant is now easier than ever. Start by getting to understand their food. Persians serve different types of foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here are some of the foods Persian restaurants offer.

Eat and dine to your fill at the best Persian restaurants in your area with the help of

persian restaurant network App
Persian restaurant network App

Boneless Chicken or Fish Kabob

Kabob is Iran’s national dish no wonder they have so many kabob joints in the country. They offer amazing juicy lamb served with chicken kabobs on a daily basis. The Persian restaurants here serve chicken with and without a bone. For the best traditional kabob, go for the boneless chicken with skinless white meat. The juicy flavors added by the locals make it feel like heaven when they burst in your mouth. If you want to go for a lighter option, go for the fish kabob. The fish is char grilled white meat served with naranj a sour orange found in Iran or lemon.

Kabob contains meat as the primary ingredient and the taste never disappoints. One thing is for sure. The chefs in any Persian restaurant never make it taste the same to get you bored with the taste. Go to a Persian restaurant and order kabob for a whole week and every day, your mouth will sing of the wonders of the tasty food.

Salad Shirazi

Ordinary salad can’t come close to salad shirazi prepared in a Persian restaurant. Amazingly, the salad shirazi is the traditional Iranian salad without any creamy dressings on top that leave you with pangs of guilt. The traditional salad shirazi consists of three simple ingredients. Diced tomato, cucumber, and onion and coincidentally, these make up the colors of the Iranian flag. These are topped with lemon juice and dried mint making it not only delicious but a salad with an amazingly tingly touch of acidity. Next time you find a Persian restaurant, get the original taste of salad.

Go for appetizers

In a Persian restaurant, starters are exciting than the main dish. This is the time you are so hungry and your mouth is wishing for a simple taste of the Persian food. In the Iranian restaurant, starters and dips are the norms before the main dish. Most of these come from the north of the country. The zeytun parvardeh, crushed walnuts, olives dipped in pomegranate paste, yogurt wit cucumbers, yogurt with shallots are some of the most popular. For the vegetarians, Iran has never left you behind. You get to enjoy starters such as smoked eggplant with mashed potatoes and eggs, eggplant with whey among others. Think of enjoying yogurt with cucumber dressed with dried mint toppings as you wait for the main dish. All you can do is wish for more.

Above are some of the common favorite dishes served in Persian restaurants. But let’s dive deeper into the food offered at different times. You are wondering how to find a Persian restaurant but do you know what to eat when you get there? Let’s start with Persian breakfast

Persian Breakfast

For those who have visited Iran, you note that things don’t open up as early here. Luckily, the Iranians never forget breakfast and it is included in most Persian restaurants.

  • Persian Bread

This is the traditional Iranian breakfast meal. It consists of freshly baked bread with white cheese and some herbs on the side. Traditional bakeries here are in plenty so there are no struggles finding fresh bread. Every morning, these bakeries serve bread fresh from their ovens. Some of the best bakeries here are crowded with people struggling to get fresh bread on their hands. To you, the bread might look like a white flatbread but there are different types available.

  • Persian Kaleh Pacheh

For those who love eating food which they don’t know the ingredients well, this is a perfect traditional dish for them. For those with quite sensitive taste buds, you might end up asking for the recipe and regretting why you did. This traditional breakfast meal is a soup made from sheep’s hooves and head. It is believed to be energizing such that Iranians usually eat it very early in the morning before going to work. It is a delicacy served by many restaurants in Iran and you will find locals lining up to get a bite of the meal.

persian restaurant

Persian Lunch

So, the breakfast wasn’t as heavy or as fulfilling as you would have wanted. Now come lunchtime and all you can think of is finding a Persian restaurant.

  • Persian Dizi

Also known as abgoosht, it’s one of the most favorite Persian foods. The meal is a stew made with potatoes and chickpeas served in earthenware pottery, bread, and bowl on the side and for the foreigners, a spoon is offered but this is how you eat it.

Pour the liquid in the bowl and tear a piece of bread and mix it together. The liquid cools off quickly and you are supposed to eat it first. As tasty as it might be, make sure you leave some bread for the next step. This is when the stew stamper comes into play after drinking the liquid. Mash what is left in the earthenware pot and scoop it inside the bowl then eat it with the remaining piece of bread.

Dizi is offered with a chunk of fat that gives the stew a nice flavor.

  • Persian Asht-E Reshteh

This is another favorite lunch meal made with noodle soup, fresh herbs, and beans. In Iran, it is served in most of the bazaars where it served for lunch and is available in some restaurants as well. Ever had yogurt soup? The Asht is served with some yogurt soup in bazaars.

  • Persian Kuku Sabzi

Fresh herbs in Iran are a delicacy and they love them to the extent of using them to make a regular omelet to a delicacy all thanks to the herbs. If you are lucky enough to find a Persian restaurant offering omelets, this is the best you can ever eat.

Kuku sabzi is not only an omelet delicacy but it is a nice mix of the herbs and eggs filled in a fluffy pancake making it filling enough to give you satisfaction during lunch.

Persian Dinner

Finding a spot to eat some delicious dinner isn’t difficult. If you want to find a Persian restaurant serving the best meals for dinner, we have you sorted. There are plenty of Persian restaurants in your location serving deliciously satisfying dinner. All you have to do is enter your location here and you are good to go. Let’s take a look at some of the best Persian meals for dinner.

Finding kebab in a Persian restaurant is easy as finding wine in an American restaurant. Kebabs in Persian restaurants are served with a huge plate of rice and butter enough to knock you off to sleep. There are different types of kebabs offered and they include

Kebab koobideh – it’s one of the most famous types of kebab in Persian restaurants. It is offered to visitors who order kebab without being specific on the type of kebab they want. It is a nice combination of beef, lamb, or chicken well mixed with onions and mashed with a wooden pallet.

Kebab barg – this is for those who are specific with their kebab in a Persian restaurant. It is thin barbecued beef tenderloins with saffron, onions, and olive oil.

Joujeh kebab – this is for the white meat lovers in a Persian restaurant. It is what is mainly served in a local restaurant for those who prefer white meat. It is made of barbecued chicken with tomatoes, saffron, and olive oil. The best is made by locals but Persian restaurants have a nice recipe for the same as well.Explore Persian Restaurant Near Your Location Now!

  • Persian Rice

For those who love eating rice, welcome to rice made the Persian way. Persian restaurants have perfected the art of making rice and its flavored with some butter and saffron.

For Iranians, the best part of the rice is the bottom which is made crispy. Also known as Tahdiq, the bottom crispy part of the rice is enjoyed with a layer of sliced potatoes placed at the bottom of the cooking pot.

The best rice dish made by the Persian restaurants I have visited is Tahcheen. It is rice well cooked and mixed with saffron, eggs, yogurt, and chicken. It is then baked in an oven giving a mouthwatering aroma. The rice is dressed with barberries on top in some instances giving it a slightly sour taste which the Iranians love. (Ghormesabzi)

Whenever you are wondering how to find a Persian restaurant, remember we have your back. No need for Google-specific restaurant names or struggle to find the best Persian restaurants near me. All you need is to do is enter a location here, and the best Persian restaurants in your area pop up. For those who aren’t sure there are Persian restaurants in your locality, try it out. Enter your location and see what pops. We might not have Persian restaurants available near you but we have the best recommendations for restaurants offering Persian delicacies near you.

Maybe you had one Persian meal and all you can dream of is the best place to get another Persian meal and eat to your fill. has the best of the best for you with no struggle. Visit our page today and find a Persian restaurant than eat to your fill.

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